What are the fail-safe functions of INFINITI Intelligent Key?

There are quite several functions that help prevent you from locking yourself out, leaving the engine running, or forgetting to lock the doors:

1- If you leave the key fob inside the vehicle and try to lock the doors, you’ll hear a chime, and the doors will automatically unlock because of the anti-lockout function. Likewise, if the Intelligent Key is left in the trunk, you’ll hear a chime and the trunk will automatically open.

2- If you leave the vehicle without turning the engine or ignition Off, you’ll get an audible warning. The system will also alert you if you try to leave the vehicle when it’s not in Park.

3- The auto relock function will automatically relock all doors after 1 minute if the unlock button is pushed but no door is opened. This helps prevent leaving the vehicle unlocked if the unlock button is pushed unintentionally.