How does INFINITI Intelligent Key work?

Enjoy security and convenience with INFINITI Intelligent Key. As you approach your vehicle, the Intelligent Key communicates with the locking system so that when you touch the door handle button on the front door, the trunk lid, or the liftgate, it immediately unlocks that door, in addition to unlocking the fuel-filler door as well. When you touch the button, a second time though, it will unlock all the doors. The request switch can open a front door or all doors.

When you want to hit the road, start the engine in a fraction of a second, by simply pressing the brake pedal and pushing the Start/Stop button, without using a key, at all.

INFINITI Intelligent Key is not only about excessive ease of use, but rather about excessive security too. Inside the Intelligent Key fob there is a thin metal key blade that slides out to unlock the driver’s door in an emergency situation, or to lock the glove compartment and trunk when leaving the vehicle with a valet. It cannot be used to start the engine.